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Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruits (Lethe Press, 2012)

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A collection of my very own work. This bunch of short stories and non-fiction pieces still moves me in many ways. And, apparently, it moved the Lammy judges as well, because this earned me my second finalist spot (note the medallion sticker on the cover). Horror, comedy, and just plain weird erotica. Try it and see. Also on Audiobook!!




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Men In Love: M/M Romance (Bold Strokes Books, 2016)

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My first foray into editing M/M romance anthologies, courtesy of Bold Strokes Books. I had a lot of help from my stalwart authors such as ‘Nathan Burgoine, but I also included some folks I hadn’t published before. I love the cover, I love the stories, and I have some really fond memories of spending Christmas with these tales in order to meet a January deadline.






The Bears of Winter (Bear Bones Books, 2014) 

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The third and final (so far) Lambda Literary Award finalist, this one was a joy from start to finish and includes most of my favorite gay authors and a number of my favorite stories period. I’m always amazed by what can be done with themed anthos, and this one is a winner from the hot/cool cover to the fantastic stories inside. Also available on Audiobook!





Tricks of the Trade: Magical Gay Erotica (Bold Strokes Books, 2013)

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The third and final installment of my Bold Strokes Erotica Trilogy, this volume was centered around a suggestion I gave to Jeff Mann, which resulted in the lead story “Inescapable” about a man able to get himself out of any situation his BDSM-loving partner puts him in. And with such a strong anchor, my terrific cast of writers once again exceeded my expectations.






The Dirty Diner: Gay Erotica on the Menu (Bold Strokes Books, 2012)

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The second of my erotica trilogy for Bold Strokes, this book is one of my favorites (like there’s any I don’t like?). How can anything combining sex and food be bad? And these are some of the best tales ever – the inimitable Dale Chase and her supertaster, ‘Nathan Burgoine with ice wine…the list goes on. And I think the cover is one of the most striking I’ve ever seen.





Riding the Rails: Locomotive Lust and Carnal Cabooses (Bold Strokes Books, 2011)

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My second anthology and the first of my erotica trilogy for Bold Strokes, this train-themed volume is highlighted by ‘Nathan Burgoine’s “Elsewhen” and one of my top ten stories of all time, Gavin Atlas’s “The Engine of Repression.”






Tented: Gay Erotic Tales from Under the Big Top (Lethe Press, 2010)

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The anthology that started it all. To Steve Berman’s credit, when I pitched a book of gay circus-themed erotica to him over breakfast in New Orleans, he didn’t blink and he didn’t flinch. He swallowed his orange juice and said, “Interesting.” And that pretty much sums up my career so far. Interesting.