Editorial Services

Finished a book, have you? Congratulations! Writing one is a long, tedious, and often wonderful process, but now what?

Whether you decide to submit directly to publishers, approach agents, or use a self-publishing platform, you’ll want to present your work in the best possible light. I can help you with that.

With over ten years in the LGBT publishing industry and more than three hundred spec fic, M/M romance, YA, mystery, horror, and erotic novels edited for Bold Strokes Books, Lethe Press, MLR Press, Bear Bones Books, and the late Wilde City, I can bring one sharp eye to your prose while keeping the other on the marketplace.

It’s an opthamological anomaly, but it comes in handy.

My own experience as a writer and three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist (clears throat) enables me to see the artistic side of the equation as well as the nuts and bolts, and my work narrating audiobooks has been an invaluable asset to my editing. As they say, the ear is the best editor of all.

If you’re still interested in trusting me with your work, here’s how the process goes. Send me a representative sample of your book – no more than ten to fifteen pages including both prose and dialogue. I’ll do a free sample edit of this excerpt. That way you can see what I do, and I’ll have a better handle on the amount of work involved. I’ll send you back the edited sample with a firm price and a proposed date on my calendar. Should we agree to work together, I’ll need half the fee up front to retain your spot with the remainder due upon receipt of the finished edit.

For more information, please email me at pfloydian191@hotmail.com, and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.