The Spoken Word



In Memoriam – Written by ‘Nathan Burgoine, Narrated by Jerry L. Wheeler

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With one diagnosis, editor James Daniels learns that he’s literally running out of time. Looking at his life, he sees one regret: Andy, the one that got away. Andy was the first man that James ever loved, but Andy has been gone for years, and might not want to be found. But as his cancer progresses and James starts to lose his grip on time and memory, it might just be that time and memory are losing their grip on James, too. It’s the biggest and most important re-write of his life. Restoring love from nothing but memory might be possible, if the past isn’t too far gone to fix.




How to Whistle: Stories – Written by Gregg Shapiro, Narrated by Jerry L. Wheeler

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Whistling has long been used to entertain and to communicate. The short stories of Gregg Shapiro also entertain and convey his skilled recollections of the past. The gay men found in this audiobook are sardonic: they drink, they indulge, they offer wry comments on friends, family, and life. In other words, they are a joy to hear.





Murder in the Rue Dauphine – Written by Greg Herren, Narrated by Jerry L. Wheeler

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For gay New Orleans private eye Chanse MacLeod, it seemed like a simple case: find out who was blackmailing his pretty-boy client’s rich, closeted boyfriend, collect a nice check, and take some time off. But then the pretty boy turns up dead in what looks like a hate crime and the gay community of New Orleans is up in arms, demanding justice. In the stifling heat of a New Orleans summer, Chanse searches for an extremely clever killer on a trail leading to a gay rights organization, boys for hire, and New Orleans society, knowing he has to find the killer before the entire city explodes.



Grave Desires – Written by William Holden, Narrated by Jerry L. Wheeler

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The imagination of William Holden is one that values sweat and sperm and blood. And shadows to hide the rivulets of these fluids as they descend and drip from the naked flesh of men. These tales of homoerotic horror haunt a listener long after they are over. Stories of a lecherous carnival barker who deals in breath and souls, a town where Halloween has become more than playful tricks and sweet treats, the promise of desire at the razor’s edge of life and death.




Hot Copy: Classic Gay Erotica from the Magazine Era – Written by Dale Chase, Narrated by Jerry L. Wheeler 

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What an era it was, racks of magazines with hot guys on the glossy cover and hotter ones inside. Tucked in among the slick photos were stories, two or three to an issue, of fiction by a host of writers, including Dale Chase who spent eight lively years writing about sex with mechanics, bikers, professors, politicians, and a host of others; sex in traffic school, supply rooms, and onstage at the theater; and sex in just about every venue you can imagine and a few you can’t. Characters are strong in Chase’s work. Her prose is lean and powerful, and her sex scenes are guaranteed to turn up the heat. Take a trip back to a bygone time that showcased some of the finer gay erotica ever written. Listen to any chapter, and prepare to be stirred.